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Catalina Recycling/Transfer Station

The Catalina Transfer Station is now open Monday – Saturday, 7:30 am – 3 pm for both residential and commercial recycling and waste services. Since July 1, 2013, this facility and others in Pima County are being managed by Tucson Recycling & Waste Services. For more information, call 520-623-7300.

Question: Why is it important to separate my recycling items and to rinse out plastic bottles/cans?

Answer: Tucson Recycling & Waste Services has a unique program at the Catalina Transfer Station. Our motto is, “Let’s do it right!” when it comes to recycling. We offer a free recycling program to Catalina, Saddlebrooke, Oro Valley, and Marana residents, but it is important for everyone to do their part. One person can contaminate the entire recycling process, making it so that everything then needs to be taken to the landfill rather than recycled.

Here are a few guidelines to make your recycling trip a success:

  • Follow all directions at the recycling center.
  • Flatten all cardboard.
  • Cardboard must be clean with no food waste.
  • Wet waste can contaminate good recycling loads – make sure to discard all food waste appropriately, separate from recycled items.

Tucson Recycling & Waste Services looks forward to helping the communities we serve make a difference as we go green by recycling the right way. If you have questions about the guidelines, please call 520-623-7300.

Here’s a flyer from Tucson Recycling & Waste Services outlining how they can help you.

Read a recent article about Tucson Recycling & Waste Services in The Explorer of March 5, 2014.

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