Greater Catalina / Golder Ranch Village Council

New Friends Letter

37451 S. Stoney Cliff Drive – SaddleBrooke, AZ

December 2001

Dear “New Friends’”,

Most all support organizations (auxiliaries, alumni associations, booster clubs etc.) are organized to assist with financial support of an organization. Equally important is to save the organizations funds by volunteering labor, ideas, services etc.

The Catalina Community Resource Center is very small (about 1700 sq. ft). In that space six substantial and vital programs are operated. It is not possible for everyone willing to help to be on the grounds. People are needed to serve on committees for a special event that may take place annually. For example: Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes, gifts for families each December, help with back to school supplies for children, or assist with a luncheon and celebration to thank volunteers who man the food bank and clothing bank. Some volunteers have worked at the Center for years and those work slots need to remain with Catalina residents who know the population. When needed, “Friends” will fill in at the Clothing Bank and Food Bank once we are trained.

The staff is so minimal at the Center that any repairs, decorating, painting, landscaping etc. needs to be done by volunteers. It is an old building, drab inside and out, and that we hope to change. If you want to paint – that is good. If you want to buy the paint by making a donation – that is good. If you are a color consultant or decorator and want to help select colors you will be most welcome. If you want to organize a small fundraiser specifically to help furnish the center -you will hear the cheers. Every piece of furniture was donated and is very old and needs replacement.

Now let’s talk babies. We have about 25 babies a month born in the Greater Catalina Area that qualify for W.I.C. (Women, Infants and Children) a federal program for low and moderate income families. Those babies and their mothers are seen at the Resource Center under the W1C program. Their families adequately provide for most, but there are a few each month that need help desperately. These are often single mothers, teen mothers or from families where the breadwinner has lost his/her job. I am not certain anyone has a clear idea how we might help with this situation but a good committee could make all the difference for these families. We might do some baby showers in our different Units and put together layettes that would be available to the WIC counselor on an “as needed” basis or, we might meet with the WIC counselor and explore other ideas.

Let’s talk about medical. The Resource Center, working with Marana Health Center, has negotiated medical services for the Catalina area five days a week. This service is very important to the families without transportation, low insurance coverage, or other needs. In order to keep the costs down the Center will provide the office services needed to assist the doctors. This will take a dedicated group of people who know and understand office procedure. We have until April to help solve this problem. A committee is needed or maybe a miracle. We thank you for your membership and will do everything we can to put your skills to work in the next few months.

Best wishes,

Connie Saiz, President

Greater Catalina / Golder Ranch Village Council