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Friends News – June 2002

June 3, 2002


Since our inception it has not been unlike any other grass roots organization with their growing pains. It has not been perfect, but our accomplishments have been many. Many of the projects that we have been able to assist the Center with have not been listed on the “areas of interest” that was part of your membership application. Several were on an “as needed” basis either for the Center, an individual or a family. Just imagine what we will be able to do when our data base is completed, chairpersons have been assigned to all categories and committees formed. For those of you who have stepped forward to help, I applaud and thank you. As we look forward to the next six months I would like to ask those of you who have become a member but have not completed the “areas of interest” section to do so on the attached form. If you have completed it but would like to add to it, please do so. E-Mail it to me at or You can mail it to me or put it in my tube at 37451 So. Stoney Cliff Drive. You may also call me with the info at 818-0388 or fax at 818-0744. Thank you again for helping in this “neighbor helping neighbor” organization.

Upcoming Events

Hold This Date

October 9, 2002 will be our cocktail party at the Center. We have designated October as our membership month and ask that each FRIEND BRING A FRIEND. The festivities will be from 5:30 to 7:30 pm and cocktails and appetizers will be served.



English For Speakers of Other Languages

Steps are being taken to begin “English for Speakers of Other Languages” (ESOL) instruction at the Center. The Literacy Volunteers of Tucson, Inc. will provide educational support and the Center’s classroom will be furnished by the Community Church at Saddlebrooke. This ESOL initiative is in response to the apparent need for this program by many of the Center’s clients. The first step will be to determine the number of students who are able to commit to attending classes and thereafter determine the specific skill levels/needs of the students. The program will then be tailored to match needs identified.

We anticipate getting the program off the ground within the next few weeks. If you are interested in helping please call: Mike Chretien 818.9494, Cindy Hanson 818.0717 or JoAnne Good 825.9090.

Medical Services

The badly needed medical services at the Center will be opened on July 8. It will be staffed two days a week with a doctor and a physician assistant and three days a week with a physician assistant. The Marana Medical Services who are providing the staff will be using their own staff initially. Our decorating/painting volunteers have done a beautiful job at the facility. When and if there is a need for volunteers in the clinic, we will let you know.

School Supplies

A lovely thank you note was received by Karen Wendlandt from Susie Peck and the faculty of Coronado K-8 School which in part read “Your caring and support of our school and students is greatly appreciated.” She went on to say that we have touched the future, through the hearts of Children.

Welcoming New Babies

It’s a Baby Shower at SaddleBrooke! Friends of CCRC have sponsored recent Baby Showers and have scheduled more to help furnish layettes for the Catalina mothers who come to the Center for WIC (Women, Infants and Children) appointments. Many of the mothers have very low incomes and providing for the new infant is one way we can help.

Each layette is filled with many of the needs of the new baby including receiving blankets, diapers, soap, towel, onies, a warm blanket, a sweater, hat, booties and outfits to satisfy any grandmother’s taste and thrill a new mother. Chairing the Layette Committee is Faye Maxwell and her sister Joann Woods. If you think your neighborhood or unit would like to sponsor a shower you can get plenty of help and suggestions from Faye’s Layette Committee. The committee consists of Cris Greenman, Pat Stonecipher, Carol Witt, Mary Hanton, Sue Birky, Lauchette Low and Anne Leonard. Morning coffees, luncheons and late afternoon wine and cheese parties are sure to bring out the crowd. The next scheduled shower is an Ice Cream Social.

WIC is a federally funded program for low and moderate income mothers and their children. The infants are part of the program until age five. Food supplements help women with her nutritional needs during pregnancy and after the birth WIC monitors the child and mother. Good nutrition and nutritional information is the prime goal of WIC.

Blankets For The Cold Of Winter

In June with the temperatures hitting 100 it is hard to imagine being cold. Last winter when it turned cold suddenly there were many people who did not have heavy jackets and warm blankets. This year we are trying to be prepared.

100 Blankets by November seemed an impossible task but Friends of Catalina Community Resource Center hit 80 this week. Many are new, all sizes, the older ones clean and ready for winter. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mickle have offered storage until Fall. Phyllis and John Morris are still accepting blankets and will continue to do so through the summer.

Working with Helping Hands we hope to start with the Seniors confined to their homes to be certain they are comforable. Then working with WIC we will furnish blankets to the babies and young children. Next we will distribute blankets to our families in most need. If you are away for the summer please bring a blanket back to SaddleBrooke in the Fall. Any blankets not needed (can we dream of more than we need?) will be stored for future use or shared with our neighbors in Oracle or San Manuel. A pat on the back to our wonderful community.

Fund Raising

Kudos To Unit 12

Each year Unit 12 has a party and asks its guest to bring food for the Center. However, this year they chose to have a pot luck brunch and asked the unit members to bring money for the Center instead. The brunch was directed by James & Jeannete Krajeck and they proudly presented a check for $1,000.00 to the Center. Thank you for your generous donation Unit 12. Wouldn’t it be nice if every Unit did something like this?

Tax Deductible Gift

Where else could you make someone or yourself so happy and have part of it tax deductible? The answer is a day at the world famous

Miraval Spa. Be a hero for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, “Just because I love you” or be good to yourself.

The package includes:

Hot Stone Massage
European Facial
Classic Paraffin Manicure
Lunch at the Cactus Flower Restaurant
Use of steam room & locker facilities

The fee is $281.25 which includes tax and gratuity and $40.00 of that amount is returned to the “Friends of the Catalina Community Resource Center” as a tax deduction for you. The fee is the same if you went to Miraval directly. Thank you for your support. Contact Audrey Conrad at 818-0336 or Connie Saiz at 818-0388I

News From The Center

Clothing Bank

The new mobile unit housing the clothing bank is up and running and is
open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The new unit has a very pleasant atmosphere–it is tastefully decorated, has several windows and is air-conditioned. A wheel chair ramp makes the unit easily accessible for handicapped individuals. It is well organized with clothing racks and shelving. A separate room used for sorting and organizing donated clothing may also be utilized for conferences. Clothing bank volunteers will find the new unit a very pleasant place in which to work. If interested in volunteering, please contact Connie Saiz at 818-0388.

Multi-Use Unit

Not only does our new unit house the clothing bank, the conference room within the unit will also be used for a variety of other projects and classes. Some possible uses are citizenship classes, English as a second language (now being formed), diabetic classes or a meeting place for neighborhood clubs and organizations.

It’s A New Look For CCRC

Catalina volunteers called “Unidos” have been working with Friends of the Catalina Community Resource Center to landscape the grounds. Two major workdays were established and the turnout was large enough to make major improvements. Chuck White, Ed Hanton, John Morris and John Leonard joined the Unidos for labor and lunch. The materials were provided by a Community Development Block Grant. Ed and Mary Hanton designed a small patio on the rear of the building and that work was done with a generous donation from Mr. Ed Robson. Pat and Stoney Stonecipher painted the patio when the stucco was dry. The patio is now ready for those waiting for services at the Center to use. Drive by and see the improvements. There will be more to do in the Fall and if you are willing to give a few hours call John Leonard.

Greater Catalina / Golder Ranch Village Council