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Friends of the Catalina Community Services (FCCS)
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The Catalina Community Services (CCS) is located at 3414 E. Golder Ranch Road, just east of the gas station at the intersection of Oracle and Golder Ranch Road. Since there is no government presence in unincorporated Catalina, the privately operated, not-for-profit, CCS is the center for almost all social services in the Catalina area. The population in the area is generally estimated at about 8,000.

Within its modest 1700 sq. ft. quarters, the CCS houses a Food Bank, a Clothing Bank, two adult and teen counseling services, WIC (nutrition programs for pregnant women and children under five), the Pima Youth Partnership, Catalina Helping Hands (food service, meals on wheels, and transportation services for the elderly), Pima County Health services (primarily inoculations) and Arizona state Medicaid eligibility screening. In April, Marana Health Services will begin providing health clinic services two days a week in a typical month, the CCS serves 400-500 clients.

The overall services are coordinated by one full time employee, Malia Myers, and the Food and Clothing Banks are supervised by a part-time employee, Nellie Rangel. While each of the other agencies listed above provide their own professional personnel, all the work associated with serving the many clients of the Food and Clothing Banks, administrative assistance, pick-up and delivery of goods, building maintenance, grounds care, etc. are cared for by a group of hard working volunteers. The center operation and finances are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

The idea and impetus for the FCCS, or “Friends”, as we call ourselves, was generated by several people who were touched by the hardships of our Catalina neighbors who come to the CCS and by the urgent needs of the CCS operation. Right now, the CCS need building maintenance and decoration help; computer support; people to run food and clothing drives to stock the shelves of the two Banks; publicity people to tell our story and recognize the efforts of our volunteers; and people to work with donor organizations to ensure that the CCS’s needs are considered in their gift-giving.

The interim and longer range needs which “Friends” support include purchasing a mobile unit (with a HUD Grant) to replace the present cramped and unheated/non-air-conditioned Clothing Bank; expanding Clothing Bank availability (which will require more volunteers); and putting together a long range building expansion and supporting financial plan. While much of the funding for site development and building can be obtained through federal or state grants, we will also want to approach charitable organizations and private contributors to supplement the government sources.

What we are hoping to obtain is a little help from a lot of people. Join the Friends of the CCS and tell us a little bit about how you would like to help needy people in the Catalina area, either through offering a little of your time and talent or through modest financial support. We promise that if you volunteer to help we will make sure you have an opportunity to do so.

If you have any questions about, or would like to join, the Friends of the Catalina Community Services, call Gordon Wendlandt at 818-1488 or email him at:

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