Greater Catalina / Golder Ranch Village Council

Mission Statement

Greater Catalina/Golder Ranch Village Council, Inc.
Mission Statement and Purpose

The Council is a non-governmental organization assigned to function as an information conduit between the citizens in the unincorporated Catalina/Golder Ranch and surrounding areas and the governmental bodies and other external entities that impact these areas. The Council achieves this mission

  • through provision of a public forum for discussion of relevant current issues by conveying information between the citizens and the area officials, boards, and panels in Pima and Pinal counties;
  • through helping citizenry obtain needed improvements to infrastructure and services; and
  • through working with the public health and public safety agencies to improve the health and security of citizens in the area.


The Greater Catalina/Golder Ranch Village Council normally meets at 7 pm MST on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Golder Ranch Fire Department in the Training Room (behind the administration building), located at 3885 E. Golder Ranch Drive, Catalina AZ 85739. If an issue involves rezoning or the Public Works Dept., feedback from the meeting is provided to appropriate officials, such as the District 1 County Supervisor’s office. Controversial subjects may result in additional meetings and the formation of citizen’s committees to further study the issue.

The Greater Catalina/Golder Ranch Village Council does not normally take a position on an issue. Our role is aimed at facilitating the flow of information and ensuring that interested parties have a chance to be heard.

Greater Catalina / Golder Ranch Village Council